What i’ve written

The books I have written

Most have been about technology, marketing and education.

The latest is about the exquisite art of moaning

Moaning is the perfect antidote to gloom.

The Joy of Moaning turns on its head the notion that moaning is undesirable behaviour, something to be avoided and scorned. It delves into the detail of why we moan and most importantly provides a guide for doing it better.​

The story of secondary modern schools. Were they much maligned or a monstrous mistake?

It’s an alternative narrative to the establishment’s simplistic notion that these schools were a scar on the country’s educational history.

You will discover that the accepted stories about the selective education system, the workings of the 11+ and comprehensive schools are a simplistic distortion of the truth. Worse still, the mistakes the education establishment made in the past still determine how children are educated today.

“Do you really want to know the truth about the ageing business? It is scary”

We are drowning in ‘facts’ yet business and government continue to search for golden bullets that will solve what they perceive as an ‘ageing problem’. Older consumers are unprepared and ‘hope for the best’.

This is my final book on the subject. It is short and direct – may be too direct.
Yes, it contains some of the facts about ageing but its main objective is to blow away the nonsense that surrounds the subject.

“ALL customers have one thing in common – they’re getting older”

Rarely does a book receive glowing accolades from both prominent academics and business leaders. One advertising network CEO said the book provided “A wealth of insights that the youthful communications industry needs to listen to and act on…”

Marketing to the Ageing Consumer is unique. Loaded with practical advice and examples, this book has become the essential guide for marketing practitioners to unlock the full potential of their ageing customers.

“Add Omnicom’s resources to Dick Stroud’s insights. Result? An amazing book about 50-plus marketing”

Many business books are difficult to understand and deadly boring. This book tackles this important subject in a light-hearted, engaging and informative way. Where I have encountered ill-thought-out arguments, I have said so, perhaps not as diplomatically as I should.

The book provides radically new insights about the 50-plus market and argues that the ‘age-neutral’ approach to marketing is one that all marketers should adopt.

Omnicom had the confidence and capability to undertake a multinational research project to understand the effects of ageing on consumer behaviour. I took the research and converted it into a practical model for marketing to older consumers that applies to all sizes and types of companies.

Like all good books The 50-Plus Market is a story with a beginning and an end.

“The Internet is nearly 40 years old and changing society faster than ever”

The internet challenges many basic assumptions about the structure of business processes, channels of distribution, product marketing, competitiveness and resource management.

‘Going digital’ places new demands on organisations and those determining strategy and direction. The book explains the tools and concepts that can enable managers to face these challenges and give them some appreciation of the consequences of this technology.

Over 15 years after the book was launched businesses still ask how digital and physical channels can better work together; how the customer experience can be improved; and how marketers can expand their skills to fully exploit the opportunities that online channels provide.

This book is as relevant today as when it was first published.